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Starcraft Server
To start playing you must register at the site, because in-game registration is not available. To play Starcraft you should better use 1.16.1 client version.

We also advice you to visit out partner's site -

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29.03.2007, 20:02 - New provider
In few days server will be moved to a new hosting. For those, who have server IP in the server adress, will be necessary to change it, to new IP. And those, who didn't change adress manually must wait from hour till day for delegation of the old adress to the new IP.
Author: Masamune
01.03.2007, 18:28 - Winter Season has been finished
At last has ended, the second season. Results can be seen here.

Map pack for the third season can be taken here (1.74 Mb). As the quantity of maps has a little increased, for convenience the new command /motw which has been added shows the list of current maps of week, and does not show other maps.

We remind you once more, that championship among the best 16 players will pass on March, 3rd (Saturday) at 15:00 (GMT +03:00), by Single Elimination system, with matches up to two victories. Maps of the championship: Azalea, Luna The Final, PeaksOfBeakdu - first map will be choosen as "last standing", by the players, further chooses the lost, third game is played on the remained map. The championship will pass on Tournaments channel.

Winners of the championship will divide among themselves following prizes:
1 place - 100 USD
2 place - 75 USD
3 place - 50 USD
4 place - 25 USD
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 3

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Game client 1.16.1 (100 Mb)
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