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Starcraft Server
To start playing you must register at the site, because in-game registration is not available. To play Starcraft you should better use 1.16.1 client version.

We also advice you to visit out partner's site -

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08.04.2007, 00:24 - Counter-Strike Servers
Dear friends! Welcome to our site! After the testing period we finally have officially opened our portal and launched the Counter-Strike servers. Thank everybody who helped us to find mistakes and correct errors. We wish all of you enjoy the game, we hope to maintain friendly relations with you, and hopefully our portal will be a place for you to have good time and to feel at ease, enjoining yourself.

We are also glad to introduce you our new design for the Counter-Strike section. You can learn more about it here.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 0
01.04.2007, 00:31 - Battlefield 2142 Server
We are happy to introduce you a new design of our topic of the Battlefield 2142 game. We hope that you like. You can learn more about the design here.

We have also launched a new server with all the anlocks. You can play with or without a licensed disk (and without tedious set-ups). We invite everybody to play this really thrilling action-game. You can read how to join the game here.
Author: Masamune   |  Comments: 1

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