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Starcraft Server
To start playing you must register at the site, because in-game registration is not available. To play Starcraft you should better use 1.16.1 client version.

We also advice you to visit out partner's site -

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30.07.2007, 16:12 - Geodata, Interlude
On all servers geodata has been updated, numerous mistakes of textures led to stucking of the character have been corrected, or on the contrary allowing to get in inaccessible places.

Dear players, we are glad to inform you, that big volume of work for transition on Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne (C6, Interlude) is already finished. The closed betatest will begin soon, at the end of betatest update will appear on game servers too. Originally changes will concern a client part, but in the further gradually server part will be resulted according to an official server of game. We recommend you to download the client in advance, you can download it here or here.
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