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Starcraft Server
To start playing you must register at the site, because in-game registration is not available. To play Starcraft you should better use 1.16.1 client version.

We also advice you to visit out partner's site -

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18.12.2009, 22:55 - Season 11
In anticipation of the new season on The Abyss iCCup we are happy to present you with a small list of additional features to try. These new innovative features should help to improve your The Abyss iCCup experience.

The first innovation is the rank limit command /rl. Now you do not have to spend a long time searching for a player at your skill level, or kicking time-wasters who are far above or below your own skill level. All you need to do is specify the rank of the player or the ladder point limit of the players that you wish to join your game.

Here's an example:
/rl 6000 7000 (Only those players who from 6000 to 7000 points may join).
/rl 10000 (Only a player who has more 10000 points may join)
/rl c-c + (yOnly those who are ranked between C- to C+ may join)

Are you tired of players are not using antihack? Now this problem is easily solved. By utilising yet another new command /nah (no antihack) players not using iCCup's AntiHack feature will not be able to join your game. Additionally, the country that a player is playing from will be displayed when you join a game with a tag ([KR] for Korean, [AU] for Australian, etc.).

The next new feature is specifically helpful for those active in a clan. The list of new commands available is found below:

/clan help (/ ch; Help)
/clan list (/ cl; Shows a list of everyone who is in the clan)
/clan msg (/ cm, / cw; Send a message to all clanmates)
/clan online (/ co; Show all clan mates who are online)
/clan off (/ c off; Disable all clan notifications)
/clan on (/ c on; Include all clan related alerts)
/clan state (/ c state; Shows the current status regarding clan alerts, i.e. ON or OFF)

Also worth noting is that now all the clans have at their disposal clan channels, to which the player will be automatically directed when you log on to the server.

Finally, and perhaps the most interesting new innovation a new rank. A distinguishing letter has not been assigned as of yet, but the beginner rank will be identified by this icon Image. This rank is positioned even lower than the D- to help those who have only just recently met with StarCraft and their level of play is significantly lower than the average D- player. Accordingly, in order to be demoted to D- you must fall to 900 ladder points, instead of the previous 850 points. Also, players in the lowest rank will lose 20 ladder points for a loss.

We hope you enjoy the latest additions to The Abyss iCCup and good luck achieving your goals in Season 11!

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